Thoughtful, Unoriginal Information

Hello there, friends!

Lately, I’ve seen some interesting documentaries, read some interesting articles and am reading a great book for my first meeting of an already established book club I’m joining (a wee bit scared.) I have a good chunk of the book left and we are meeting tomorrow. In the interest of reading all day and still posting something of value, here is a list of some things I think you might find worthwhile:

To see:

  • “Sexy Baby” (available to instant stream on Netflix). This is a look at the lives of three women and their experiences interacting with a cultural that is strongly sexualized.
  • “It’s a Girl” (available to instant stream on Netflix). A serious tear jerker but very important. This movie looks at the systematic removal of girls from certain cultures and the impact that this “gendercide” has on those societies.
  • “The World Before Her” (available to instant stream on Netflix). An incredibly interesting look at both the Western Miss India beauty pageant and Hindu fundamentalism. I thought the different perspectives were interesting and thought a lot about the different reasons women, particularly in openly patriarchal societies, might compete.
  • We went to see “Into the Woods” and it was fairly wonderful! Meryl Streep is incredible and the acting is all spot on. The scenery is pretty great, too. The only thing I found myself a bit tired of was the constant lilting “buh nuh nuh nuh-nuh” in the background. But generally, I thought the music was very good! I suppose too much of the same chorus gives me anxiety. I’m not sure why.

To read:

To surf:

  • Even in the age of reddit and Pinterest, I do still enjoy
  • I found and love Bustle. It’s geared toward women, but I find myself sending some of the articles to my husband, who usually finds them interesting. Check it out here:

I hope you all (meaning whoever is reading this… hi mom!) have a wonderful day!


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