An Update

Good morning!

Remember me?! I used to blog here. Three months have passed and I feel like the only way for that not to be awkward is to dive right in. Let’s pretend like the three month hiatus never happened…

The last 1/4 year has been a busy one, particularly with the Holidays and finishing up my semester. I am beyond excited that I only have 5 more classes and my internship left until I have my Master’s degree. In fact, I downloaded a countdown app on my phone. I am pleased to share with you that I have 11 months and 11 days left. BOOYA. This accomplishment feels amazing and I also miss working full-time (and not having an assignment always hanging over head).

Christmas was great! This year, Mike and I decided not to give each other gifts and that (surprisingly) didn’t make either of us sad in the least. It was really nice to have a more simple day and focus on what is important. I also liked that we took a more minimalist approach to exchanging gifts with our families.

We did a Yankee Swap with Mike’s side of the family. Basically, each of us brought a gift that we knew everyone would enjoy. The gifts ended up being mostly games, with the exception of the gift I brought (a box of 24 individually wrapped Boom Chicka Pop Flavored Popcorn and “Inside Out” on DVD) and the gift I ended up receiving and decided to keep (a gift certificate for dinner and a movie for two).

We traveled to VT on Christmas Day, listening to the new season of Serial all the way! It was good, but not as intriguing of a case as the first season (in my opinion). Seeing my family was nice, and we had an amazing Christmas dinner.

Other highlights of the Christmas break include:

  • This picture of Sam
  • Devouring all of “Making a Murderer”
  • Reading a lot! (Including this memoir of a childhood in Scientology and this riveting book about nurses)
  • New Year’s Eve skating with part of the extended clan (a annual occurrence in Mike’s family)
  • A book group though my in-law’s church on this short book about Mary’s life. It was wonderful to get together with other women and  discuss. So much fun!
  • Spending time with Mike
  • Getting lots of exercise (we are currently doing 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne. I love her.)
  • STAR WARS (twice)

What did you do over the past three months?


Tidy Home Tidy Mind

It is no secret that I have extreme levels of anxiety. Alas. I get by on the day to day but there is a bonafide way to make me feel in control of my environment. And this, my friends, is tidying up.

Typically, my pattern is that I will not care too much about the clothes I’ve tossed onto our bedroom floor or the stray few hairs on the sink from the weekly occurrence of me brushing my hair. (It’s curly, okay…. curly hair doesn’t need to be brushed as much. At least mine doesn’t).  And then, all of a sudden, I CARE SO MUCH. Hence our room or apartment or wherever has two modes: 1) my stuff is pretty messy or 2) my stuff is perfectly put away and I’ve scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom. And, if you are of this enlightened inclination, this doesn’t have anything to do with gender roles or expectations in my house. Mike is helpful with housework and certainly doesn’t expect me to do it all. However, I am the person in our relationship who tends to like things tidier, so it all pans out. If I suddenly want everything put away and not  a stray sock on the floor, I am happy to pick it up.

Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like I can exhale after finally tiding up, dusting, vacuuming, etc. Maybe this is because one of the reasons things go by the wayside that  would prefer to keep appropriately cleaned up (like the sweatshirt I take off or my pj’s etc. etc.) is because I am particularly busy during that time. Then, when I am not running in a deep panic, I clean up and feel generally relieved about my current state of affairs.

In an attempt to find some middle ground, I want to try to work a few things into my daily routine that keep our space from becoming out of control. Here are a few things I have found helpful:

  • Before bed, clean up the kitchen. Wipe down counters, make sure all dishes are loaded and start the dishwasher. Wipe up spills on the stove. Sweep. Feel joyful that when you come downstairs in the morning, you will be greeted by a clean kitchen.
  • Make the bed in the morning. We are still working on this one. It’s difficult because Sam the dog likes to paw around in the sheets, etc. so bed making is a “strip the bed and remake it” activity every morning. Gone are the days when we could throw the sheet and comforter up from the foot of the bed and it looked decent. Thank you, small Boston Terrier, for throwing our sheet on the floor and moving the comforter 90 degrees every night without fail.
  • Put your clothes either into the drawer from whence they came or the hamper when you take them off.  WHY IS THIS SUCH A STRUGGLE?! Flat spaces and chairs in bedrooms should be banned. We all know clothing with likely pile up on them. Let’s just end the charade. (But how?!)
  • Sprinkle baking soda everywhere and roll in it for good luck. (This isn’t actually a thing but it probably could be. Cheap, full body microdermabrasion, anyone?!)

Are there any small, daily things people could recommend to help me stop with the random bouts of manic cleaning?



Happiness According to Jax

I recently began babysitting a 3 year old named Jax. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation we had yesterday while playing on the family’s backyard play set:

Jax (turns around after climbing halfway up the slide): “Daddy says I’m silly. But I don’t want to be silly. I want to be…happy.”

Me: “I think you can be both! What makes you happy, Jax?”

Jax: *loud sigh* *pause* “Only food.”

I think he’s on to something.

What the f*&^% ?! Wednesday

Welcome to “What the F* Wednesday?!,” basically a rant about something I think should become extinct. Some will be frivolous pet peeves, others will be more serious matters but I hope you have fun reading these Wednesday posts regardless. Today’s subject matter comes to you courtesy of Facebook. Here we go:



In case you aren’t fortunate enough to have your “friends” (who are actually just individuals who were once in my life and now are dead to me) post this type of material, I have taken the time to save some actual posts that have been shared and my reactions to them. Perhaps you will enjoy the experience more secondhand.

what the f post 1

Um, no. Also, what does that even mean? You strategically place pornographic material across from a reflective surface?! That makes a lot of sense. Double the fun?! You think your face looks like a porn star’s?! Newsflash: NO ONE INVITES PEOPLE TO COME OVER THIS WAY. #byefelicia

what the F post 4

That’s neurologically impossible, but if it weren’t, that would explain a lot.

what the eff #2

There is a reason for everything and sometimes the reason is um, YOU. Or that you think you are able to accurately assume how much others can handle in their life in relation to yours. I’m sorry you feel like a cartoon woman in a burgundy dress on a blustery day, I assume that’s the worst, but puh-lease. You don’t know my life.

what the f #3

Here’s one of my all time faves. ANYONE WHO IS NOT LIKE ME MUST BE ILLEGAL AND I CANNOT ACCOMDATE THAT. GET OUT. Last I checked we were teaching elective foreign language classes that barely teach you how to have a conversation in schools, so the only thing that’s being forced on anyone here is your ignorance, sir or madam.

  Have you seen anything “shared” lately that caused you to kind of go “WTF?!”Let me know in the comments.

P.s. I would never make light of someone sharing posts to raise awareness about things that are important to them. This is meant in good fun 🙂