Quotes from my husband

Mike Mike Mike

(Before going to pick up the 8 year old Boston Terrier we just adopted, Sam.)

Me: Well, if we do¬†rename him, it should be something that sounds like “Sam.”… Sand!

Mike: Why would we name our dog Sand?! No… not Sand.

Me (in my defense, I was in a tried, silly mood): Sand…al wood? Sandalwood!?

Mike: Kara, what is he, a stripper in the Berkshires?!

(Sidenote- we kept the name Sam).


Quotes from my husband

Mike Mike Mike

(While I am writing a paper for finals)

“Mike, you could come in here and write this essay for me.”


“So, as a clinician, what would you consider to be the four most important markers of adulthood and how do they affect emerging adults who struggle through the transition?”

“That’s easy, Kara. It’s bitches, bitches, bitches and money.”

(He can always make me laugh)

(Sidenote– he doesn’t really think that. And he doesn’t write my papers.)