An Update

Good morning!

Remember me?! I used to blog here. Three months have passed and I feel like the only way for that not to be awkward is to dive right in. Let’s pretend like the three month hiatus never happened…

The last 1/4 year has been a busy one, particularly with the Holidays and finishing up my semester. I am beyond excited that I only have 5 more classes and my internship left until I have my Master’s degree. In fact, I downloaded a countdown app on my phone. I am pleased to share with you that I have 11 months and 11 days left. BOOYA. This accomplishment feels amazing and I also miss working full-time (and not having an assignment always hanging over head).

Christmas was great! This year, Mike and I decided not to give each other gifts and that (surprisingly) didn’t make either of us sad in the least. It was really nice to have a more simple day and focus on what is important. I also liked that we took a more minimalist approach to exchanging gifts with our families.

We did a Yankee Swap with Mike’s side of the family. Basically, each of us brought a gift that we knew everyone would enjoy. The gifts ended up being mostly games, with the exception of the gift I brought (a box of 24 individually wrapped Boom Chicka Pop Flavored Popcorn and “Inside Out” on DVD) and the gift I ended up receiving and decided to keep (a gift certificate for dinner and a movie for two).

We traveled to VT on Christmas Day, listening to the new season of Serial all the way! It was good, but not as intriguing of a case as the first season (in my opinion). Seeing my family was nice, and we had an amazing Christmas dinner.

Other highlights of the Christmas break include:

  • This picture of Sam
  • Devouring all of “Making a Murderer”
  • Reading a lot! (Including this memoir of a childhood in Scientology and this riveting book about nurses)
  • New Year’s Eve skating with part of the extended clan (a annual occurrence in Mike’s family)
  • A book group though my in-law’s church on this short book about Mary’s life. It was wonderful to get together with other women and  discuss. So much fun!
  • Spending time with Mike
  • Getting lots of exercise (we are currently doing 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne. I love her.)
  • STAR WARS (twice)

What did you do over the past three months?


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