Hot Tip Tuesday

Life is too short for shame, so I’ll not apologize for my extreme tardiness on my post for last week (but I’m really sorry there wasn’t a post last week, friends…). Instead, I’ll furnish you with some wisdom from my day-to-day life:

* Keep your receipts. If there is no toilet paper in your stall (and you’re at the movies, and you’re about to see Jurassic World, not to be specific) and you have no other options, they’ll come through for you.

* If you are at a The Dear Hunter concert and the music is too loud and you don’t have earplugs, individually wrapped cough drops work okay (hint: do not shove them in, just lightly rest them inside the outer part of your ear. I will not be responsible for ruptured eardrums).

* Always expect the unexpected. For example, if you thought your adopted Boston Terrier named Sam couldn’t do many tricks (just “sit” and “lay down”) keep holding out that treat. He might just roll over and provide you with a disproportionate amount of glee and entertainment (especially when he occasionally gets stuck halfway through his roll).

* Say you’re sorry when you need to, but don’t apologize for every.little.thing. Especially for women, I’ve noticed “I’m sorry” comes out almost reflexively. My wonderful sister was visiting this weekend and I counted how many times either of us said “I’m sorry” for no good reason. It was way, way too many.

* Do something good for the world at large, whenever you can, in whatever way you are able. Recently, I have gotten involved in this non-profit. Check it out and even give if you can.

* The layout of Walgreens will never make complete sense. Save yourself the frustration.

* Let yourself have down days, but pick yourself up again. I’ve been feeling a bit too negative for my liking recently, so I decided to start making a concerted effort to be positive and focus on being grateful. Not in a phony sense, though. If it’s not genuine it will make you feel weird and pissy- take it from someone who was in the store the other night literally whispering, “I’m breathing out negativity and breathing in positive thoughts” and suddenly wanted to punch the person in front of me who was holding up the line. Which came first in this scenario, the chicken or the egg? Who knows but at least there is protein available…see?!  I’M SO POSITIVE. THE GLASS IS HALF FULL…of poison and bad checkout line etiquette (which are basically synonymous).

So anyways, there is that.

Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all (hi mom!) well and happy!


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