I Love Some Distruction on a Tuesday 

Hello, my karacters! (Hmmmmm… I don’t like that greeting. Now I know…) 

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. My heart and thanks are with all of those who have served our country or have loved ones who have. 

Oh, funny story. Sam the dog ate my phone this morning. Thanks, Sam. I fed him, took him out, went into the bathroom, came out 2 minutes later and my phone was laying beside him, mangled.  See below evidence. 

 I am thankful to my mother-in-law (and a man named Kareem at Verizon) who helped me quickly remedy the situation at no cost. I now have a new phone and renewed hatred of Sam’s love of anything that goes “crunch.” The dog needs a hobby that doesn’t involve distruction. 

Anyway, I did not have a chance to post yesterday. It was a long, strange day.  However, as a little Tuesday appetizer (plastic free! You hear that, Sam?!), please  see this zesty quote from Aziz Ansari in anticipation for tomorrow’s post. 


Love to you all on this sunny day! 


One thought on “I Love Some Distruction on a Tuesday 

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