A Few of My Favorite Things

I have discovered so many wonderful things in the past month or so. I feel it is my duty to share them. Besides the weather in New England gradually getting warmer, here are some things that have made my life a bit better this month:



“The Girl on the Train”: Oh. Em. Gee. If you liked “Gone Girl”, you will LOVE this book. I certainly did. It’s a page turner, to say the least. I enjoyed that it was set across the pond. An interesting thing my husband, Mike, pointed out is that British suspense is a lot more intellectually intriguing because guns are outlawed there. Hence, pulling out glocks left and right isn’t how the crimes go down. This is a good point. I also suggest this book because, while thrilling, it’s less disturbing than “Gone Girl.” It also speaks to the power of observation and how lives can be impacted by people we have never met. Go get this book now if you are looking for something to read.

“The Goldfinch”: I read this at the beginning of the year, I confess. It took me quite awhile as it is a bit over 700 pages long. This well crafted work of fiction tells a story alive with perspectives on the human spirit and art. It is wonderfully written, which is no surprise because it won a Pulitzer prize. However, the plot does drag a bit in places. It could have been approximately 150-200 pages shorter, but definitely worth a read.

I also tend to find good recommendations here.



“The Queen of Versailles”: This documentary, available on Netflix, is a fascinating look into David Seigel and his family’s endeavor to build a 90,000 square foot home modeled after Versailles. The documentary changes it’s focus when the 2008 economic crisis throws a wrench in their plans. His wife, Jackie, is the primary focus of much of the documentary. I found her to be super interesting. She has a background in both computer engineering and modeling. Though her lifestyle has been over the top, something about her is very endearing.

 “Broadchurch”: This British crime drama is stunning. The plot kept both Mike and I on the edge of our seats. I am not proud to admit this but we watched the hour long episodes back to back. Straight through. Life is short and I have no time for shame. I also don’t have time to wait between episodes of such great programming. This show about a boy murdered in the small town of Broadchurch calls everyone in the small town into question and casts people near and dear to the family in a suspicious light. I realize the previous sentence is really long, but I get so excited when I talk about this show Ijustkeepwritingokayyougetthepoint. It is on Netflix. Do not delay.



Outgoing: my Mother’s Day cards. FINALLY. I have them in my purse to mail tomorrow. I had purchased them before Mother’s Day, but such is life. Everyday should be Mother’s Day, amiright?!

Incoming: Birchbox. So good. You sign up for $10 a month (women) or $20 (men). Women’s boxes come with 4-5 samples of great products. Men’s boxes come with a couple of products and a small accessory/gadget (think a good razor or a trendy bottle opener). I have really enjoyed getting this box each month. I look forward to it and have discovered some products that I really like. I’ve found the samples last much longer than I expected they would, so you can really get a feel for the products.



… nuff said.

What TV/books/stuff are you liking lately?! Comment and let me know!


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